Be Selfish

For the most part throughout our lives we are taught being selfish is a bad thing, and you should always put others before you in order to be a “good”


i think anger is worse then sadness, anger makes you question yourself makes you insecure.   makes you regret things that you shouldn’t regret. sadness it sucks but it’s a

PTSD of Party Life

I know I am twenty three and I am way too young to alienate myself like I am doing here…. But the thing is I feel as I made so

Wonderful ✨

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could all communicate like adults verbally, politely, and thoroughly without disrespect, pride or fear. Wouldn’t be a wonderful world, to accept that

Turn Light

I’m thinking to my self, as I am sitting here. How I wish I could take back some things you seen Like the color of my blood When I bleed