What I want

Strong arms Soft lips you hold me tight — Love it when I dance with you I’m not the best dancer But your the best lover — I couldn’t imagine

Rum and Coke

How times have changed…. The moment I realize this are in the very simple things that would’ve gotten me killed when I was younger, before I sit down and write

I Knew, I know

I knew he loved me not because he said it, but because from the moment he met me he never promised me anything. He didn’t make plans with me that

The secret to forever

Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder, well whoever said that was wishful thinking while they were waiting to get that text back… My dream in life is to

Day 14 – Go to Sleep

It’s amazing how peaceful someone looks when they are sound asleep Angelic almost Even villains look harmless when they’re asleep It’s the only time the jadedness they carry with them