I wish I could talk to you

like when we were younger

innocent freshmen

we couldn’t be any dumber

to chaos that was coming our way

How crazy would it be if we fucked

Me on top

You on the bottom

Tossing and turning

Power struggle

My hand around your neck

You blind fold me flip me over

Then hit from the back

We’re fucking crazy like that

Only we understand

Don’t need to say anything

You already got me

It would be our first time

But feel like our millionth time fucking

Just you and me the lights

Our little island

we had other lovers

yet never made love to each other

how crazy would it be

if we just touched

like we did in our head

a million times

maybe a billion times

have we kissed have we fucked

through our eyes, exchange in glance

we’ll never be together

but the insanity

of the thought

of finally relinquishing

this long lost lust


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