Project 3 and what I learned so far

what i’m learning as part of this course is to pay attention to details, on project one we had to pay a lot of attention to detail to come up with a rhetorical situation.

before this exercise i would often over simplify things, and didn’t look at certain situations as a whole…. now when i write i tend to think things over more than once.

Also the different dialogues, and what is and isn’t appropiate and what circumstances

the importance of editing and writing for the professional life.

project 3, to be honest feels like a science fair project in highschool that i would have to do every year, some people are really into it which is cool.  but it’s not something i enjoy that much. and maybe that is a bad thing that i am so bias towards this project due to past experiences, and I’m not really letting myself gain anything from this experience

or taking it seriously because i feel like i have done this a million times.

I’m really waiting for that adrenaline rush to inspire me to come up with something genius in the absolute last minute.

i guess my distaste for this project has a lot to do with my lack of motivation and letting my personal life take over and overwhelm me. it really isn’t the project itself that sucks its actually really good and if done right there is a lot to gain from it.

however its something I’m not fond of and like a child i don’t really do what i don’t want to do. so in a way even though I’m not putting much work into the project its still a learning experience in regards to my maturity and taste.

Some people like to write plays, other novels, history/text books and poems. And i just happen to not be  research person. or maybe everybody hates research papers like me.

you probably know better than me. i like the concept. i just have very little motivation to do it which is in its self sad…

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