Key Terms & What I think defines “good writing”

Purpose – a reason for what you are writing whether it is to entertain, persuade, inform, vent etc.


Substance- something people can get from it, or relate to something that will keep me reading.


Context – It can’t be all over the place, has to have a main course going somewhere


Relatable-  As in I could still follow even if I do not share the same upbringing and intellect as you


Appealing- It can’t be too dense it has to have a good amount of breaks in it


Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.21.08.png


I think it’s cool how substance is the one that is standing out of all the words, then context follows suit in a different color and all the other words seem to blend in as if they are not as important. I think that’s cool how it came out like this I am honestly impressed. Didn’t have much expectations going into this.

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