Au Revoir Amour Éternel

All this time, I knew where you were. You thought that you were hidden from me, and that is why you haven’t seen me… Because you are so GOOD at being a ghost.

My dear, you couldn’t have been more wrong. I did no longer wish to seek you, that is the true reason you weren’t found.

Until… Yesterday.

I decided to summon your ghost. As it turns out as i wandered into the haunted abode where your soul resides… It was I that was the ghost to you.

I looked into your eyes and you had that pained look the one that you got every-time we encountered and to your disappointment I was still your love. I know, i know because i felt the same way every-time i saw you.

That is why I simply avoided you while you were hiding in plain sight, because I no longer wish to love such a pained soul.

However, This time in our belated encounter things were different. You became a stranger before my eyes an object in the scenery something easily overlooked. Before I could not shake your energy or presence. However this time… I forgot it completely.

Even I was surprised to realize only after i left, i didn’t even glance a goodbye at you…

You were my greatest love, my most pained love. I died a million times saving you, your name, keeping you warm… There was a time I almost told you, i would’ve changed my faith burn in hell if i could just spend the rest of this life with you.

I was so certain I would always be in love with you….

Yet I was wrong… This is the last ounce of emotion i have towards you and it’s disbelief. That the man I would have died for, gave up everything even my dreams to marry.

Has become an object, prop, inanimate object to my scenery…..

Yet all the times you hurt me, now I know you were only being cruel, out of love. Because one must be cruel to be kind.

Au Revoir mon amour. Cette fois pour certain au revoir.

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