Who Am I

Who Am I? Well I don’t know…

I know there is a lot of expectations on who and what I should be, and those expectations are the reason why water is falling from my eyes right now.

Growing up, I was told I had free will, to be whomever I want to be, but lately that feels like the world’s biggest lie.

The world is constantly telling me who I am and not allowed to love, who I should be friend and who I shouldn’t, how I have to dress, smile and keep my posture.

So this is tears, Tears of anger.

Because I am born into a world where I don’t have much of a choice, and I am the crazy one for wanting to believe otherwise?

My voice are muffled by others constantly covering my mouth saying “she is just a rebellious child.”

“Keep your mouth shut and look pretty”

If I was a handsome wealthy man, would things be different?

Would my idea make sense?

People call me insane for thinking I could change the world, with paper and pen. Maybe I am….

Because maybe not now. Someday I believe that I can…

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