September Sorrows

Why do we always bring up the weather when we don’t know what to say? Is it because it’s something everyone can relate to for the most part. My favorite

Wishful Hope

I wish I had someone to talk to when things got too overwhelming, or someone who makes me feel special on days like this which I couldn’t feel anymore close

Little Fears

12/13/17 Hey babe, There are something you don’t know, actually a lot of things you don’t know about me… although you know more than most, there is still a lot

The Manger

I wasn’t born in a golden crib, I’m not sure if I said this before but I really wasn’t. Compared to those who are still back home some might say

Be Selfish

For the most part throughout our lives we are taught being selfish is a bad thing, and you should always put others before you in order to be a “good”