Something about politeness

Sometimes you don’t ask for things…. and you get them anyway, usually bad surprises sometimes good, so yeah life gives us things we don’t ask for with that being said,


So i guess this is life, we breathe, wake up, go to sleep, repeat. Yeah this is life…  Just kidding.  We create, inspire, dream, believe, break the rules, make new

Thinking/writing out loud

Warm weather and palm trees. The breeze blowing through my hair. And you holding my hand, makes my heart swell with emotions. Your dark and curly hair and sweet brown

Playing it safe?

Right now i am sitting in my bed room, and i am struggling to breathe… The reason being i am terrified. I haven’t written in weeks, but right now it’s

A Writer

What is  a writer? A writer is an observer of life… A person that pays attention to every detail and sees what other people fail to see. There is deepness